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Since 1981, Economic Strategies, Ltd. has helped entrepreneurs start, expand, market, and develop businesses. 

Economic Strategies expects that one or more of these services will help you reach your near or long-term goals.

~ Ralph Helwig, President

Mission Statement: Help individuals and companies reach goals and create order from chaos.


Services:  Consulting engagements for: 

.1. Companies looking for consulting in marketing, strategic planning, and/or Life Coach engagements for their staff.

.2. Individuals looking to start their own business, franchise, or Life Coach engagement.


Certifications:  Life Coach; Franchise Consultant; Business Planner; SCORE/ACE Counselor

            Listed in Marquis'  Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the East (25 years)

Remember, the difference between a dream and a goal is a target date and ACTION! Send us an Email or call to get that much closer to your goal!


Samples of our services are listed below

Franchise Consulting

Perhaps you considered starting your own franchise, but were intimidated by the number (over 5000) or requirements or risks?

Economic Strategies has access to a data base of hundreds of franchises, their requirements, available territories, investment requirements, etc.  As a client, there is no cost to you for our services in helping you find whether franchising is for you, and if so, for helping you find some options that may suit your needs.

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Discuss ways to develop an profitable on-line business - create your personal financial bailout! Nothing is free, it takes effort…

·         However, you will NOT have to develop Web Pages, learn about search engines, or become familiar with E-commerce transaction details.

·         This industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and is frequently called "personal franchising", but without territories and franchise fees.

·         If you focus on results,  this service will be of interest to you. For more information, Email  us for an informative link.


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